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Healthcare professions have always faced challenges, but the last decade is probably unprecedented.


Organizational or practice purchases and mergers, changing healthcare legislations, process management, disruptive personalities, or conflicts - a pandemic!  The patient volumes are rising, and  population health is falling.  Have you lost the feeling of fulfillment, or can’t maintain your energy level?  Is your team struggling with supporting each other due to attrition, task overload, burnout, or moral distress?


As a critical physician, I experienced significant moral distress, personally sustained major trauma, and was forced to retire early due to a rare illness.  I prevailed through these physical, emotional, and mental health challenges. I know a lot about resilience!  I’ve also built, led and sustained healthcare teams while teaching and modeling skills for resilience and self-confidence.


DPS consultation specializes working with health care professionals and teams in resilience education, and facilitated workshops.  This is not a typical yoga and meditation program.  There are personal assessments, “soft and hard” skills - evidenced based, and supported by experience which will help you leverage your stress and build greater fortitude.

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