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If you are managing a medical practice or team, you have undoubtedly faced issues that have turned your practice upside down.


Organizational or departmental mergers, new healthcare legislation, process management, disruptive personalities or conflicts, a pandemic. All challenging, all taking time away from the role you thought you’d be providing.


DPS Consultation offers guidance to healthcare practices in delivery of high-quality, collaborative healthcare. If your team is facing new challenges, or if you don’t know how to proceed, DPS Consultation can partner with you to cultivate insight and inspire your team.


DPS Consultation provides thoughtful assessments and recommendations to teams, group medical practices, and acute care hospitals in these healthcare dimensions:


  • Clinical medical practice management

  • Collaboration between competing medical practices and across multiple disciplines

  • Staff management and development

  • Team building with collaborative initiatives (including nursing managers)

  • Inaugural organization of critical care medicine departments

  • Risk management

  • Quality, Safety, and Performance Improvement

  • Clinical peer review processes

  • Practice guideline analysis and implementation founded upon evidence-based literature, research, and technological advances


Throughout your consultation journey, DPS Consultation delivers thoughtful, thorough analysis and recommendations with clear, open communication and positive reinforcement. Let us help you move forward!

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