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Yes, you can be a leader. Physicians and other healthcare professionals have the capacity to become leaders.


Leadership skills are rarely taught or acquired during medical school, residency, or other postgraduate training. Practicing physicians often struggle to independently acquire those skills. 


Even if you’re an experienced clinician, DPS Consultation explores with you what additional skills and strengths you need to grow into a leadership role.


As the founder of DPS Consultation, Dr. Daniel Stoltzfus (Dan) has been formally trained in leadership principles and skills by the American Association for Physician Leaders and was awarded Certified Physician Executive by the Certifying Commission for Medical Management.


Mining from 30+ years of leadership positions across a spectrum of healthcare organizations, Dan’s real-life leadership lessons are complemented by his professional coaching training at Georgetown University.


Dan has created curricula and learning modules designed to teach future leaders specific skills toward achieving leadership goals and greater career fulfillment. 


Communication, clear and concise

Relationships based on trust and healthy conflict resolution

Intelligence, cognitive (IQ) emotional (EQ), positive  (PQ)

Sustainability of initiatives

Problem-solving to move forward


If you are expected to lead or aspire to be a great leader, commit to learning and developing new leadership skills. DPS Consultation can guide you in reaching that goal.

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