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Professional coaching and resilience development for physicians and healthcare professionals


Healthcare is in a constant state of change and advancement. Disruptions in budgets, supply chains, personnel, healthcare law and legislation, not to mention a global pandemic, can frustrate and drain physicians and other healthcare professionals. 


Personal coaching—in contrast to conversations with colleagues, friends, or family—provides a structured support system to grow resilience after a serious disruption. It provides a safe environment to explore professional and personal stressors, as well as learn effective coping skills and practices to reframe and adapt for lasting resilience


As a critical care physician and leader, I know the healthcare world well. During my 30-year professional life, I experienced uncertainty, moral distress, career transitions, physical injury, and a potentially fatal illness. Learning and personal growth are catalyzed during challenging times like those. The good news is I developed high resilience, and you can too, assisted by personal coaching.


My real-life experiences are complemented by my professional coaching training. I studied at Georgetown University, and I am certified by the International Coaching Federation. I know now that insight is discovered in partnering conversations with a trained and trusted coach, and I am passionate about contributing to sustaining the mental and emotional health of other physicians, advanced practice providers, and other healthcare leaders and their teams. 


Together, we can explore questions such as: 

  • What can I learn from my current challenges? 

  • Given my values and strengths, what is important to me now?

  • What actionable goals do I want to set? 


Commit to a healthier career and a fulfilling, balanced life! Experience inspiration and envision future successes by working with a coach who truly understands physicians’ challenges and cares about your growth.


I’d be happy to partner with you in moving from simply enduring challenges to establishing next steps and goals that sustain your mental and emotional health. To learn more about personal coaching, please contact me. 

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