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So, now what?


If you have decided to leave clinical practice, DPS Consultation can help you navigate that journey.


Reasons for leaving clinical practice abound: retirement, organizational changes, burn-out, illness. It can be a disorienting and difficult transition period. Despite your newfound freedom, you might experience sadness, self-doubt, a sense of loss, or a fear of becoming irrelevant. 


After investing thousands of hours in your practice and personal reputation, even your family might not be able to understand your decision. 


Nevertheless, roles that apply your medical experience and skills also abound, along with a plethora of non-clinical activities that physicians and other healthcare professionals can excel in.


Dr. Daniel Stoltzfus of DPS Consultation has practiced more than 30 years, made multiple career transitions, and retired early due to a rare illness. These experiences reflect persistence, resilience and creation leading to a state of prevailing, not failing. He knows the world of medical practice unlike other professional coaches. Exploring your personal transition with Dan, someone who’s been through it, is objective, supportive, and trustworthy, can be very productive.


What’s more, imagining that you have no constraints and can design a new life and career is a wonderfully creative exercise! Dan also employs scientifically validated assessments and tools to provide you with measurable data for making decisions. 


Rediscover yourself. Reconnect with your core values, passions, and strengths. This will give you insight and clarity and point you in a new direction. He’ll partner with you in navigating that journey to arrive at new, meaningful contributions. 


Then, what’s next? Rekindling some joy in your life.

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