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A Healthcare Emergency

A recent survey of almost 3000 workers showed that nearly 47% plan to leave their roles within three years. If nearly 47% of workers left manufacturing, or law enforcement, or transportation, all news agencies would report this as an emergency. What is the profession? Healthcare – specifically, doctors and nurses. The report based upon that survey by Elsevier Health was entitled “Clinician of the Future” – a global report. It’s time for crises management, and we have to start transitioning from reporting despair to mobilizing action. What do these clinicians tell us they anticipate and need? It starts by recruiting more personnel who find meaningful work fulfilling, as some nursing programs demonstrate is happening – even after a pandemic.

Telehealth use skyrocketed during the pandemic, but clinicians express concern that emerging technology, including artificial intelligence (AI) will have a huge impact upon the provider-patient relationship. How will physicians and nurses provide more remote or distance care, AND have patients feel both listened to, and treated with human empathy? Stopping the drain of both numbers and energy of our healthcare professionals is only a first step toward a resilient workforce who can provide the essential care for population health. We will also need to modify healthcare education and training in managing evolving technology. I hope, we will not lose the empathic human touch that has distinguished medicine and nursing from many other professions.

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Excellent post! "Stop the drain..." So important. The world needs its doctors!

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